Thursday, 13 October 2011

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Story board

Mood board based on the film - Stomp the yard

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Media Homework

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Analysing the scary scene in "The Birds"

  •  How many shots are there?
  • There are 18 shots.
  • Where was the camera positioned for each shot?
  • Establishing shot
  • Mid shot
  • Long shot
  • Low angle, mid shot
  • Mid shot
  • Mid shot
  • Close up
  • Mid close up
  • Mid shot
  • Medium close up
  • Close up
  • Close up
  • Long shot
  • Mid shot
  • Close up(mid)
  • Long shot
  • Low angle close up

What principles of continuity are used here?
The principle of continuity is used at the start when she opens the door (mid shot) and then it turns into a medium long shot as soon as she gets inside the house.  The next scene where they have used continuity is where the women walks into the room with the dead man where it goes from mid shot (showing a medium shot of the room) and then a close of the characters face so the audience got a clear view of her reaction to the situation. This allows the audience to get involved and follow her through the journey.

What is the effect of the editing on the viewer?

This allows the audience to get involved which is likely to have more of an effect on the audience rather than just telling the story. This keeps the audience drawn in and interested as it is more realistic. By using a point of view shot, it allowed the audience to put themselves in the characters shoes as both herself and the audience are not aware of what has happened. The movements of the camera such as when they zoomed into the dead man helped emphasize and feel what the lady must of felt.

What is the best bit for you in this sequence in terms of learning new techniques and why?
When the women witnesses the death of the man, the movement of the camera and techniques allowed us an audience feel her every step and get involved. The mid shot to a close up really created suspense and made the clip so much more upbeat then it would have been without the camera techniques and the editing.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Advanced Camera Work

Advanced Camera Work

In this lesson, we worked on different camera techniques such as spin look,multi level, character dolly,dark voyeur and discovery. Before we were set the task, we were taught how to set up a tripod and place it upon a dolly. We all worked together to produce the clips as our class is very small. The multi level clip was the first clip, we took so it took a little while as it was our first time using the tripod but after a bit we managed to get the hang of it and finished filming within the set time.
I have made it clear for the audience by adding a heading before each clip so this avoids confusion.

The Accident Video...